Thank you for reading my new book excerpts. I hope the excitement of my mystery fiction is well described in these pages.


[excerpt of a work in progress thriller about a female sniper who works for the government. The First Lady has been threatened and she is placed on the team to protect her.]

Rachel settled firmly into the warm roofing material and evened out her breathing.  One breath, two breaths as she waited for her target to enter her site picture.  A helicopter beat overhead, searching for the heat signature of a possible sniper.  She held still as it continued on its grid pattern, the air conditioning unit’s heat signature covering hers.  The building had been chosen because it didn’t have the usual walls surrounding the roof, just poles with safety cables.  That left her a clear field for sighting.

The operation had taken months of planning.  It wasn’t good enough to terminate your target, you had to get out without suspicion.  The watch strapped to her rifle marked the countdown to when Counselor Tom Moody was scheduled to appear.  One minute left.  Once the bullet left the rifle and Moody was down, then she’d be gone, but everything was now condensed into the final minute.  A quick glance at the flag showed that the wind was still quiet.  All calculations were good.

Tom Moody stepped out of the court house, right on time.  As he moved to the top step, her breathing slowed and her pulse rate remained steady.  As his foot hit the step, Rachel was between her breathe out and her next heartbeat as she squeezed the trigger.  Moody was dead before he hit the ground.  She had hit the sweet spot, middle of the forehead and down through the spinal cord between the first and second vertebrae. 

     Rachel was moving before the crack of the rifle alerted everyone to the assassination.  She caught her brass and was out of the machine’s housing.  Pausing only to replace the cover and move to the door of the roof.  Five seconds gone, into the building, breaking down her rifle as she moved and shoving the pieces in her carry-all.  Seven seconds, she entered the apartment she had been living in for two and a half months. 

     As she came through the door the covering over her hair, clothing and shoes came off and bundled with the rifle, she stripped off the gloves and opened the false wall in the hall closet and stuffed everything into the compartment.  Fifteen seconds and the panel was back in place and the clothing covering it.

     Hurrying through her bedroom she glanced at the clothes laid out the bed for her “date.”  Everything was the there including the fuck me shoes.  She left a trail of her shoes, scrubs and underwear on her way to the shower.  Still under two minutes since the shot.

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