Thank you for reading my new book excerpts. I hope the excitement of my mystery fiction is well described in these pages.

A Cut Above

[excerpt of a completed manuscript set in Colorado. Lieutenant Meagan Storm is a strong female protagonist who is a homicide detective. NOTE: the sequel to A Cut Above, A Bite to Remember is completed. ]

The victim this time was a woman; Hispanic, pretty, with brown hair and dark brown eyes, now glazed over in death.  She worked in housekeeping and had been cleaning rooms.  Someone had taken her in the room and hung her by her wrists while he tortured her; there was a pool of blood on the floor under the rope hanging from the ceiling.  Then she had been tied to the bed where he had raped and beaten her.  Her clothes were in a neat pile on the floor where he had cut them off of her. 

Mac watched Storm’s face go pale, then cold as she looked at the body.  Ace had followed them up to the room and now leaned into Storm’s leg and if to give comfort.  Mac wanted to get her out of the room, he could feel her putting herself in the place of the victim, she had been there.  Then her face cleared and he saw her close it off and go to work.

“Who found her?”

The female officer at the door answered, “The manager, he went looking for her when she didn’t come back after a couple of hours, there was only about five rooms to clean and he thought she was dragging her feet to get paid more hours.  Her name is Mary Jemez”

Storm observed her name badge, “Thank you Officer Ramirez, this your beat?”

“Yes ma am.”

“Tell me what you found when you arrived and your observations of the scene.”

Mac watched the officer’s face, he saw it, just a slight moment of pride that her opinion had been asked.

The officer straightened up and put her shoulders back, “The call came in at oh-nine-thirty, I got here at oh-nine-thirty-five, I was close by.  My partner’s sick today, so I’m riding solo.  The manager was waiting by his office, he looked bad, been woofing his cookies.  Took me up here and practically ran back downstairs.  I opened the door and she was on the bed, you can see the whole room from the door.  I called for backup and checked the bathroom, then checked for a pulse, didn’t think there’d be one but you always hope… check.  Saw the note with your name on it and had dispatch tag you.  Then I left the room and secured the scene.  The crime scene guys got here, then you.”

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