Thank you for taking an interest in me and my new book.

A Bit About Me

Linda Petrilli Duncan, MSN, BSN, ADN

I'm a R.N. and certified trauma nurse with over 40 years of experience.(I became a nurse at 10yo, I wish) I was a commissioned officer with rank of 03. My husband is a retired Commander and we have a combined family of 6 children and 18 grandchildren. I have taught medical issues for writers for MWA's internet classes and one for poisons at a past Killer Nashville, SinC, and KRW.

When I transferred from Alaska to New Mexico I trained as a fixed wing pilot, became a Firefighter II, both structural and wild-land, recertified as an EMT, and became a TEMS (tactical EMS for the SWAT). After getting out of the service and moving to Kentucky I have flown with the Civil Air Patrol on rescue missions, DEA and State Police missions as high bird for drug interdiction flights. I've been on missions to El Salvador and Brazil. I've also traveled to Israel and Egypt.

What I write about: Paranormal mysteries and a thriller about a female sniper. At this point I'm unpublished. I live in Kentucky with my husband and a very large Newfoundland named Ace.

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